We do plays. 

Resident Theatre Company at Smock Alley Theatre 2018/2019

' THE PRICE OF LIFE ' - A season of three Jimmy Murphy plays for Glass Mask Theatre. 2018 - 2019

NEXT- IDLEWILD - Glass Mask’s explosive debut play tours Ireland March 2019.


Glass Mask Theatre- We do plays.

Dublin based theatre company directed by Rex Ryan, committed to the work of exceptional Irish and International playwrights. We are the Resident Theatre Company of Dublin's Smock Alley Theatre for 2018/2019


Artistic Director   

Rex Ryan 

Associate playwight

Jimmy Murphy

Production / Administration

Mags Keohane / Migle Ryan

Associate Actors 

Ruairi Heading, Rex Ryan.

Glass Mask Theatre; presenting plays that speak intensely to the times we live in. We commit to the playwright and will stage work, new and classic, from Irish and International playwrights who possess a fire and passion for the stage.

August 2018 -


IDLEWILD - by associate playwright Jimmy Murphy

A gangland tragedy in one act.

'...a wonderful, important play... with seminal, devastating performances from Rex Ryan and Ruairi Heading' The Irish Sunday Independent.


Written and Directed;

Jimmy Murphy



Ruairi Heading, Rex Ryan

Production Team

Andy Murray / The company - Set

Mags Keohane - Producer

Dara Hoban - Lights

Migle Ryan - Admin / Production 

Michael Browne - Media


RTE- Supporting the arts.

DCC Support.


IDLEWILD - Dublin 2018, a bitter gangland feud between two childhood friends has reached a deadly impasse, now only a sacrifice can end the bloodshed.

As they secretly meet to dig open the grave of their best friend, Donnie and The Rev reflect on their journey from the streets of Dublin to the heads of two powerful crime gangs. An exhilarating insight into the criminal world and how it does business, IDLEWILD - When two men play God...The Devil decides who wins.

**** - Show of The Week - Mail On Sunday

'Idlewild is utterly gripping in its calm, tight menace and its portrayal of the twisted moral codes that have led to certain areas of Dublin being almost no-go areas for law-abiding citizens' - The Sunday Independent.